PKFokam Journal of Science and Technology

The KFokam Journal Of Applied Science & Technology

Serve as information carrier for industrialists, companies or business actors who are willing to transfer the results of applied research out of laboratories into practical application

Reviewers are asked to decline reviewing in case of any conflict of interest. 

Carefully read the editor’s letter and be sure to note any point specific to the manuscript that the editor may have requested your opinion on

The review process is strictly confidential

Articles submitted to PKFokam-jast are subjected to confidentiality. The reviewer and the author remain anonymous to each other.

 Manuscripts should not be discussed with someone who is not directly involved in the review process.

 It´s forbidden to referees to disclose their identities to the authors. They should not share the manuscript with other colleagues.  

Reviewers are not allowed to make use of any confidential information from the paper prior to publication.  They are allowed to use only the published data but not the content that they have     gained from previous drafts during peer review process.

Reviewer should outline the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript

Reviewer should make suggestions to the author on how to improve the article.

Reviewer are encouraged to maintain a positive and impartial, but critical, attitude in evaluating manuscripts.

Reviewers are requested to avoid any personalised statements that may be considered as biased

In case of Acceptance recommendation

If a reviewer is recommending acceptance, he should give details outlining the reasons, and if there are any areas that could be improved

 In case of Revision recommendation

If a reviewer is recommending revision (major or minor), he should indicate where improvements are needed. He should state points that are critical. The author will be given opportunities to reply to each point.

In case of Rejection recommendation

If a reviewer is recommending rejection, he should give constructive criticism. He should describe where manuscripts have serious flaws. Good feedback will help authors to improve the research