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Preserving Cameroon’s Cultures and Traditions

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Preserving Cameroon’s Cultures and Traditions (CAMCT)  Using App and Cloud Computing

Rochelle Pacio, Nelly-Anne Shurri Ndikum, Russelle Steranova Kenge
Department of Computing and Software Engineering, PKFokam Institute of Excellence; Yaounde, Cameroon


In today’s world, people are addicted to their mobile devices due to its interactive features. Multimedia plays an important role on why people keep using their mobile technologies to gather information through the combination of text with video, animation, audio, graphic and virtual reality.  This study aimed to develop an app and use cloud computing for storage. This app will greatly help in disseminating consistent information from one generation to another. Also, it will boost cultural tourism and innovate museums as tourists and locals will enjoy the use of this app while knowing everything about Cameroon. The methodology used for this study was Rapid Application Development (RAD) designed to provide quick software methodology that involves iterative development and quick construction of prototypes.

Key words: Cultures and Traditions, Multimedia Elements, Apps, Cloud Computing

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